Despite the yawning chasm between the haves and have nots and the perpetual gaslighting of the poorest in our midst, why do the poor keep voting against their interests?

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In 2006, not long before the subprime mortgage episode and fourteen years before the global pandemic, Three employees of a major bank had written an internal equity strategy report entitled ‘Revisiting Plutonomy: The Rich Are Getting Richer’. In this document, the authors argued that global wealth was polarizing, not merely a little or a lot, but in an unfathomable way that would eclipse anything seen in history.

In the intervening years…

In William Edward Burghardt Du Bois’ magnum opus, the souls of Blackfolk, the preeminent African American scholar of the 20th century, writes of a double consciousness, the sense of always looking at one’s self through the eyes of others, of measuring one’s soul by the tape of the world that looks on in amused contempt and pity.

Even though, nothing about the final sentence of the previous paragraph could ever be said to be applicable to the 44th President of the united states, The theme of a double consciousness pervades, the philosophic approach that Barack Obama has taken in writing…

Heiko Khoo, a well known orator at the speakers’ corner

Ever Since I had a debating contest at the Speakers’ corner in Hyde park, London in January 2011, I have had the privilege of reading several books by a number of classical authors on the subject of rhetoric and oratory at the British Library.

After my performance (handily won by the way against a conservative politician) A few works listed below, were among the books that I read:

  1. Art of rhetoric by Aristotle.
  2. Rhetoric and Renaissance by Heinrich F. Plett.
  3. Renaissance Rhetoric by Peter Mack.
  4. The rhetoric of Cicero in its medieval and early renaissance by Virginia Cox.

Nigerians have endured decades of gaslighting and psychological abuse at the hands of the government, Church leaders and their professional overlords and unsurprisingly, it has taken an extraordinary toll on the collective mental health of its citizens.

Here’s why…..

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There have been several articles written on the subject of gaslighting by a number of writers on this platform. …

In failing to support their national team, the English working class are showing the world, the full extent of their stupidity and bigotry.

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The European football championships are currently ongoing in a number of cities across Europe and as expected, people are getting behind their national team, supporting their respective countries, as stridently as they possibly can.

But one nation has been quite the exception thus far.

No prizes for guessing correctly.

The England National Team supporters.

Since the murder of George Floyd, a year ago, football teams in the English premier league have been taking the knee, a la…

In a very short space of time, the Chinese have proven quite adept at the corruption game in Africa.

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In late 2011, the death of Neil Heywood, a Brit, resident in China was widely reported on the BBC. As time wore on, the original story given by the police of Mr. Heywood dying by alcohol poisoning began to unravel, when the police officer charged to handle the investigation fled to the American consulate for refuge.

Neil Heywood, who worked as a liaison between senior members of the ruling elite and those seeking to business in the people’s republic, was murdered…

It is a disease rooted in ignorance and fear.

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A few days ago, an entire family was run down by a bigoted young man in Ontario, Canada.

To the bigot who committed this heinous crime, all he saw were people of different skin colour, wearing hijabs, and saw absolutely nothing wrong in mowing every single one of them down.

Imagine for a second, that reverse was the case and the killer, in this instance was Muslim and the victims were white, the coverage will dominate the week’s proceedings on CNN, the BBC, and Fox News.

The lazy and racist stereotypes would be out in full force, being put on…

But will it help mend fences and bridge the schism between the warring factions?

The Image of Sussexes via Wikimedia Commons.

2021 has produced quite a degree of drama, that Netflix, Amazon and the BBC have struggled to match thus far; we have had an attempted coup in the world’s greatest democracy, a massive convulsion in the financial markets, when a group of inexperienced traders took on the wall street and very nearly succeeded, the sequel of the 2020 pandemic, currently raging in Asia and Latin America and the demise of Prince Phillip, the duke of Edinburgh.

And yet, not one of these events come close to…

The worship of the almighty mammon has led to the complete collapse of Africa’s largest economy and the clergy class are playing a leading role.

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When people type Nigeria online, one of the very first thing that jumps at them, is Boko Haram and the carnage inflicted on the natives of Borno State, an area situated, in the North-East of the country. …

I Wish I Was Able To Bend The Medium Algorithm To My Will, In The Battle For The Top Dollar.

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For two consecutive months I was named as one of the recipients of the $500 bonus. I am happy and privileged to have been selected, for what was deemed, “ quality writing”, even though I have never felt as though, I belonged to the category of great writers, anywhere, never mind medium.

Although I have been a paid subscriber to medium since October 2017, I never once saw myself as a scribe, only a reader. …

Adebayo Adeniran

A lifelong bibliophile, who seeks to unleash his energy on as many subjects as possible

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