The Lagos traffic kept me from replying a very long time ago but i am now back at my desk.

I find that Most Brits are willfully in denial of the atrocities and the notion that the empire was a force for good.

That Britain brought peace negates the history of the 1857 mutiny or the various massacres that took place in the southern protectorate of Nigeria.

To also describe the local customs as horrific is profoundly racist, let’s not also forget that the missionaries in Nigeria were known for sodomising young boys( read Ronald Hyam’s empire and sexuality)

I reiterate the point made earlier; there was nothing benign about the British empire, take the time to read Lenin’s magnum opus, Imperialism, the highest stage of capitalism, John atkinson hobson book on imperialism to understand the profound violence and corruption visited upon the natives- all in the name of profiteering…..

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