Ahead of VE Day In Russia, Putin Declares a Resounding Victory In Ukraine

Adebayo Adeniran
3 min readMay 8, 2022

Growing evidence of the man’s cognitive dissonance and spectacular unraveling

Russian warhead via Wikimedia commons

The ninth of May is VE day in Russia.

It is the commemoration of Russia’s pivotal role in the crushing of the Nazis in 1945. A victory, which was truly extraordinary, given that the circumstances under which Soviet Russia was compelled to enter the war.

For those with some knowledge of history, they will remember that the Soviets and Germans had signed a non-aggression pact in 1939, which Adolf Hitler ripped to pieces, when he realized that he couldn’t conquer Britain and he needed a great deal of Russian oil to guarantee victory.

The Fuhrer, clearly, was a poor student of history, as the idea of invading Russia during winter turned out to be a very costly misadventure; one which led to the deaths of several thousands of German troops and its eventual failure.

But back to the subject matter of Russia in 2022

Vladimir Putin, given his phenomenal talents for for propaganda, is indeed salivating at the opportunity to turn this event into one big celebration of Russia’s return to form; of its devastating win in Ukraine.

Our man will wheel out the finest Russian artillery, its nuclear warheads and doubtless will be dressed in the appropriate military combat fatigues to send a powerful message to the rest of the world that its quest to recapture the glories of the Soviet days are in full swing.

But is this really the case? Is Russia winning the war in Ukraine?

To the surviving Russian generals and the wider world, there can be no clearer evidence of Putin’s cognitive dissonance and his spectacular unravelling.

In Mariupol, the numbers of injured Russian soldiers are rising by the day and it faces no direct route to capturing this town. But we know that Putin isn’t going let this get in the way of his elaborate celebration tomorrow.

Already, there is the sense of exasperation among the senior officers that Russia is on a hiding to nothing and that its leader, who never served in the military has made far too many mistakes in his prosecution of the war, thus putting them in a…



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