America Has Always Been a Fascist State and The 6th of January Is Its Greatest Proof

Adebayo Adeniran
6 min readJan 10, 2022

It’s time to acknowledge the truth.

Colin Lloyd via Unsplash

At a time when vast swathes of the globe were deep in the throes of a once-in a-lifetime pandemic, Wednesday the 6th of January 2021, seemed like a normal winter’s day. But by the end of proceedings on that fateful day, what we saw would remain forever seared into our collective memories.

The images which were beamed live around the world, showed America’s seat of power easily breached by a near exclusively white mob, dead set on ensuring that the smooth transition power never held.

This was a carefully coordinated campaign. An insurrection. A coup d’etat unfolding right before our very eyes. And one which was backed by a leader, who had spoken to white fears in a way in which Nixon, Reagan, Wilson, and Clinton would have been very proud.

To those who were watching, the wrong questions were abound: How could this be? What brought this about in the world’s greatest democracy?

But the answers lie in America’s sordid history.

A history which is replete with coups, assassinations, violence, genocide and a schizophrenic quest for control, which has unleashed the very worst traits of humanity on the most vulnerable and powerless across several continents.

And a history which has seen malevolent crimes committed against its own citizens —Americans of African descent.

The United States of America is the world’s greatest sponsor of state terrorism. These aren’t my words but those of one its greatest minds — Professor Noam Chomsky.

No other country has used its might around the globe to foment instability in the way that America has and what’s extraordinary about this, is that its citizens know so little about its history. And this staggering ignorance of history has proven to be quite profitable to the biggest beneficiaries at the top of the food chain.

And at the heart of this has been the almighty CIA.

When we delve deep into history, we start to appreciate that the Central Intelligence Agency was the instrument which prevented the communists from taking power in postwar Italy.

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