America Is In a Much Better Position Than The UK: It Has Joe Biden

Adebayo Adeniran
4 min readSep 26, 2022

And it is only going to get worse in old blighty….

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We live in extraordinarily polarizing times.

And at times like these, everyone has to choose sides.

In the United Kingdom, we have had four Premiers in the last six years, all of whom have by way of extreme right wing policies inflicted maximum damage on our way of life.

Austerity, Brexit, the pandemic have wrecked the lives of millions of people and as if that wasn’t bad enough, we are currently grappling with a new government, whose bright idea has been to resurrect the failed economic ideology of the late 1970s and early 1980s.

And it comes as no surprise that people are leaving the country in droves.

Now contrast our travails with our cousins across the pond.

In 2016, America did fall prey to the same right wing forces as the United Kingdom, when it opted for Donald Trump.

Trump, as is his wont, did all the things that was expected from an extreme right wing government: clamped down on migration from the global south, reneged on all its international commitments and provided a very nice round of tax cuts for his wealthy friends and donors.

If it weren’t for his handling of the pandemic, in which hundreds of thousands of Americans lost their lives, the change in leadership in November 2020 might not have happened.

When billionaire donors on Wall Street gave so much money to Joe Biden when he made the decision to run, they did so with the hope that he would continue the centrist policies of his Democratic predecessor.

Most of us remember how the front runners all colluded to block Bernie Sanders from winning the ticket back then.

And like millions of people around the world with a keen interest in American politics, we were extremely happy that Biden went on to resoundingly defeat Trump at the polls.

But were expectations high?

Yes and no.

Yes, because we felt that he had the congress and senate to enact legislation to impact the lives of the American people and also because he was the most experienced…

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