An Open Letter To Single Middle-Aged Men Like Me

Adebayo Adeniran
5 min readSep 22, 2021

The Sequel….

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The need to publish the post has arisen from the comments on my previous article. As men, we are to varying degrees complicit in the perpetuation of patriarchy. And it is incumbent upon me to turn my guns to the gender to which I belong.

Dear Single Middle-Aged Men,

For those who have been rather fortunate in life and by that I mean to have been blessed to look like Brad Pitt ( I still can’t believe that he was born in December 1963), with a head full of hair and less than 10% body fat or lucky to have the sort of money that the likes of Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos or George Clooney have, then this post isn’t really for you.

Why, I hear you ask?

I write this because there’s a degree of insulation that comes with having vast wealth and not having to go through the sorts of struggles that the rest of us grapple with on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

For those of you may have been married before and for those who might still be living at home with mum with absolutely no idea of what approaching a woman entails and entirely lacking in emotional intelligence and self-awareness, then this article is exclusively for you.

The harsh truth is that our gender is responsible for a huge chunk of the problems in the world today; Wars, famine, genocide, female circumcision, sexism, rape, suicide bombing, religious fundamentalism, racism, sporting violence, gang killings etc.

I think that regardless of our race, nationality and background, we benefit immensely from patriarchy in ways in which we don’t fully appreciate and our highly warped sense of entitlement has led to our inability to properly learn to communicate our thoughts and feelings, hence our failure at building relationships with members of the opposite sex.

In order to put our best foot forward in our interactions with single women and wider society, I have put together a number of dos and don’ts.


Do Call Out Sexist Bigotry and Violence Whenever and Wherever You See It

It doesn’t matter who the perpetrator is; close friend or relative, you must be prepared to call out sexist bigotry, the same follows…

Adebayo Adeniran

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