An Open Letter To Single Women From a Middle-Aged Man

Adebayo Adeniran
3 min readSep 16, 2021

A riposte to a highly nonsensical article I read earlier today.

The author trying to mind his business.

Dear Single Women,

Although you may have been wolf whistled by men as a teenager or even encountered worse at a much younger age, a few of us are profoundly repulsed at the notion of such perverse and abusive behaviour from humans of the same gender and we will never stand for it under any circumstances.

For a forty-three year old single bloke who has never been married and works out four to five days a week, who once had dreams of being a professional footballer and being the cute one in the boy band, who now has to deal with his graying beard and his somewhat thinning crown, I have never been under any illusions about my ‘sexiness’ at any point nor do I think that I am a Denzel Washington.

No, we will never approach you at the Supermarkets

The business of buying groceries is a rather straight forward undertaking for blokes like me, we are extremely clear about the business that we seek to conduct at the shops without disturbing a lady who is doing the exact same thing as we are.

No, we will never invade your privacy at the gym

Just as you are entirely single minded in the pursuit of being healthy and fit, so are we. Guys like me are intent on making the most of our time working out, before headed to work, the bookstores or whatever else catches our fancy.

In all my years of working out at the gym, not once have I ever sought to make a woman uncomfortable by my presence in her exercising space. God knows that there are several blokes with the same mindset too.

No, we don’t walk around referring to women as MILFs and publicly objectifying their body parts

For someone who worked as a supermarket manager several years ago, there’s never been time that I wandered around public places ogling mothers with kids and referring to them openly as MILFs.

I may have been objectified a few times in public spaces but it certainly isn’t something that I have never done to the opposite sex.

No, we will not approach you at the office



Adebayo Adeniran

A lifelong bibliophile, who seeks to unleash his energy on as many subjects as possible