Blitzscaling Vs The Voltage Effect: A Case Study Of Two Books On Start Ups.

Adebayo Adeniran
3 min readDec 3, 2023

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Reading a great book can have the same effect as having great sex on the brain.

Somewhere deep in your sub-conscious, you pine for the very same feeling you had when that explosive orgasmic episode took place.

And having that particular feeling, where books are concerned, is everything.

And it is the reason for this article.

We live in the age of start ups.

And their reach has permeated every area of our lives: from love to insurance to pensions; from food deliveries to book purchases and everything else in between, the use of software and artificial intelligence to solve real problems has upended our world forever.

This new development, has unsurprisingly, given rise to a generation of writers who have sought to benefit from this enterprise.

But not every work of literature produced on start ups has had the same galvanizing effect on would be readers.

And this is quite evident in the books being reviewed in this post.

Blitzscaling is a book written by the founder of LinkedIn — Reid Hoffman and Chris Yeh.

Hoffman has had a front row seat in the tech world for well over 15 years, which translates quite brilliantly on every single page.

We get to learn about the unique strategy deployed by Airbnb to expand in Europe when it was faced with a rival in Germany, which was imitating its methods to increase its market share.

We read about the role which generalists play in facilitating phenomenal growth in comparison to specialists with clear examples given across the tech chain.

We see how the biggest tech firms in China — Tencent and Alibaba replicate the very steps deployed by its counterparts in Silicon Valley with extraordinary results.

You get to see your organization from an anthropological perspective — something which compels you to examine things critically.

While the authors were more than happy to place aggressive expansion at the expense of perfection and efficiency, it is also worth pointing out that…



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