Boosted at Last, But Does It Make any Difference To The Numbers?

Adebayo Adeniran
2 min readJun 8

My two cents on our beloved platform’s much coveted incentive.

It’s been nearly a year since Tony Stubblebine announced the boost incentive on Medium.

And there’s been a number of articles extolling the virtues of being boosted and for the very longest time, I believed every one of them.

Why shouldn’t I?

Part of me was seething that my stories had been overlooked for whatever reason.

And then out of the blue, I received a mail stating that one of my posts had been boosted.

Image screenshot from my laptop

Seeing as the much coveted mail has now been received, so what does it feel like to be boosted? Has it made a blind bit of difference to my numbers?

The answer is no.

The article in question, Milton Friedman: How should we evaluate the man responsible for the worst idea ever unleashed upon humanity? has in my view plateaued.

And this took place a few days ago.

What’s extraordinary here, is that of all the articles which I have written over the course of 2023, the boosted article is one of my more mundane pieces; the ones which I think are much better weren’t deemed worthy of consideration by the editorial board:

Or these titles from late last year:

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