Boris Johnson Is Dead

Adebayo Adeniran
4 min readJul 6, 2022

Politically, that is….

Alexander Motoc via Unsplash

The last twenty fours hours have been unlike anything I have ever seen in British politics.

It was the Health secretary, Sajid Javid who wielded the very first dagger. The young Chancellor of the Exchequer—Rishi Sunak — made sure that the weapon hit the intended target — the heart.

And then it continued, with one resignation after the next.

By the end of Tuesday, thirteen resignations had been made by senior politicians, who simply could not put up with the charade of supporting the very worst prime minister in living memory.

But every one of these Conservative politicians is complicit in my view, in propping up a man, who had no business in public life and should never have risen to become Prime Minister.

And what’s worse is that his powerful backers in the media and elsewhere were fully aware of the peccadilloes but chose to ignore them, until now.

In today’s Times Newspaper, we were treated to the umpteen lies that Boris Johnson’s told during his time in power and it ended the editorial by stating that it was time for the Prime Minister to go, if the Conservatives were to have any chance of winning the next elections.



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