Boris Johnson: Putin’s Greatest Useful Idiot

Adebayo Adeniran
5 min readMar 14, 2022

One man’s betrayal of his country becomes more apparent with every passing day.

Boris and Putin via Twitter

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has proven thus far to be a major game changer in world affairs.

Here in Britain, the ongoing war has opened up a pandora’s box of the kind that we have never seen before in our lifetimes and what’s truly special about this is that there is still so much more to emerge, as this article goes to print.

For those who have actively read my previous posts on the subject matter of Russia and its interference in Britain’s political life, you will have become acquainted with unsavoury characters such as Aaron Banks and Nigel Farrage of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) and their links to Kremlin, which played an outsized role in bringing Brexit to reality.

For those who are well informed, you will also have read about the degree to which the leading lights of Britain’s ruling party — the Conservatives —are in bed with the leading oligarchs, thus shaping our polity in ways in which we are starting to come to terms with today.

And at the heart of this troubling, disconcerting reality are Britain’s prime minister — Boris Johnson and the son of a KGB agent, Evgeny Lebedev.

Evgeny Lebedev’s father, Alexander, served as a KGB agent in the 1980s, prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union and was stationed in London.

The Italian authorities had this to say about Lebedev Sr:

Lebedev’s resignation from the FSB might have been fictitious and he continued to participate in annual KGB meetings

Following the collapse of Soviet Russia, players like Lebedev got seriously wealthy and sought to use their new found and ill gotten money to influence British politics and by extension, global affairs.

Through his son, Evgeny, London’s biggest newspaper —The Evening Standard — was purchased in 2009 and since then the print outfit’s agenda has been nakedly pro-Conservative; a position evinced by the recruitment of George Osborne, Britain’s former finance Minister under David Cameron.

But it didn’t stop there.

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