Brexit Has Been a Spectacular Success. Don’t Believe The Remoaners.

Adebayo Adeniran
4 min readNov 3, 2022

The alternative view from the fairies…

Dylan Bueltel

If all you read were the naysayers on this platform and elsewhere, you would believe that Britain is the worst place in the developed world right now; that energy costs have risen inexorably, supermarket shelves are empty, and businesses are shutting on a daily basis.

But I want to let you know that these things aren’t true. It’s all a complete fabrication; a great lie.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is the best place to be in the world right now.

We campaigned to leave the European Union because we wanted our sovereignty back. We wanted a return to the good old days when rule Britannia wasn’t some poxy song that some idiots sang, but what our governing policy was really all about.

A time when the Royal Navy ruled the seas and when our empire cast a shadow over a quarter of the earth’s land mass. A time when we ruled the ‘darkies’ in India, Ceylon, Africa, the West-Indies and civilized these primitive tribes.

And we also fought to leave the EU, because we had had enough of the Huns (Germans), the Wops (Italians) and the cheese eating surrender monkeys from across the channel, having their dirty hands on our money.

We wanted to be free, Just like Freddie Mercury of the Queen sang very many years ago.

And since our exit was confirmed nearly two years ago, so many great things have happened to the UK

£350 million pounds on a weekly basis, have made its way back to the national coffers from the profoundly corrupt EU, thereby freeing up funds to invest in the national health service (NHS).

This meant that when the pandemic came by, we were able to deal with the vast numbers of people who had fallen ill without stretching our services to breaking point. We were also able to give our hard working and dedicated nurses a whooping 50 percent pay rise.

Unheard of, isn’t it? I knew you would agree with me.

Years of solid investment meant that our world class health service emerged unscathed by the once-in-a lifetime event.



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