Brexit Has Torn Britain Asunder

Adebayo Adeniran
4 min readJul 1, 2021

In demonizing our European neighbours, We are all paying for United Kingdom’s worst ever mistake.

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On Twitter, this morning, there’s a viral post from a gentleman named Mike Goulden. In his post, he wrote about his 83 year old German mother, who is currently at risk of deportation from the United Kingdom, a country in which she’s lived and worked in for the past 60 years. A country in which she has worked as a teacher, published several books, dutifully paid her taxes. A country to which she has contributed substantially and yet, in extreme old age, ill with dementia, she is being treated extraordinarily shabbily, by the government of the day.

You must know that the treatment of Mrs. Goulden, isn’t an isolated case, in any way shape or form.

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Because of Brexit.

Britain’s act of act of self-immolation, has meant that hundreds of thousands of EU nationals — recent and longstanding immigrants — who once had the right to work and move around freely, are now at risk of being declared “illegal immigrants” and deported to their various countries of origin.

All this, in stark contrast to the pledge made and signed by the Chief Brexiters in the conservative party, prior to the referendum vote on the 23rd of June 2016, stating that there will be no change in the immigration status of those lawfully resident in the United Kingdom.

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For thousands of longstanding EU immigrants, who have British born children, who have lived in their adopted country for several decades are now facing the dehumanizing and traumatic prospect of being kicked out of a place, they rightly regard as home.

But this isn’t any different from the travails that members of the Windrush generation have faced in recent years. The Windrush generation(named after the ship that brought them to Tilbury, Kent)were the people who came to Britain from the West Indies in the late 1940s, when there was a…



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