Buharinomics: From Economic Recession to Citizens’ Depression and Finally, Capital Flight.

From two recessions in four years to the mass slaughter of its citizens during the end Sars protests, in October 2020. The Nigerian President is widely seen as catastrophic failure, quite possibly the worst ever, in the country’s troubled post independence history. where did it all go wrong for the erstwhile military dictator turned civilian leader?

The Legend himself
  1. The Naira is 10% over valued.
  2. A new governor of the Nigerian Central Bank, with implications for borrowing.
  3. Owing to the increase in minimum wage, the increase expenditure means government borrowing.
  4. Inevitability of high unemployment.
  5. 46 sectors of the economy are shrinking
  6. Removal of subsidies and Increase of VAT.
End Sars Imagery
  1. National Security F9
  2. Agricultural sector F9
  3. Electricity Sector F9
  4. Communications F9
  5. Business Policies F9
  6. Leadership Skills F9
  7. Intellectual abilities F9
  8. International relations F9
  9. Currency management F9

A lifelong bibliophile, who seeks to unleash his energy on as many subjects as possible

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