Buyer’s Remorse In Brexit Britain: The Sequel

Adebayo Adeniran
3 min readDec 18, 2021

With the Conservatives given a hiding yesterday, what’s next?

I had written of a change in the prevailing mood in North Shropshire a few days ago, as a result of the profound consequence in voting for Brexit and the revelation that the government had contravened its own lockdown rules.

Using middle-England as a microcosm, there was the distinct impression that there was a bit of buyer’s remorse from the population from having their lives turned upside down in 2021.

There were understandably a few sceptics, who thought it was wishful thinking that the British people had realized the errors of their ways in voting for breaking away from the European Union.

A few of the messages embedded to this post said this much:

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Even among the Conservatives, they seriously thought that it was inconceivable that they would lose the by-elections in which their main opponent was anti-Brexiter.

Lucy Allan’s tweet did say this much.

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But what happened on Thursday night was a political earthquake of seismic proportions; on a Richter scale, it came close to being 10 out of 10.

North Shropshire, which was a solid Conservative seat for the last two hundred years, was captured by the Liberal Democrats, showing that Britain’s begun to have a change of heart, since leaving the single market and the biggest trading bloc in the world today.

What’s pertinent here is that, If the events of a few days ago were replicated across the entire country, the Conservatives would cease to exist as a party.

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