Can Medium Revert To The Previous Home Page?

Adebayo Adeniran
1 min readMay 18, 2021

Chopping and changing the home page, Thus limiting the numbers of articles, one can access, which will lead to members losing out on readers.

Screen shot from my phone.

I got back from my endeavours on the field and jumped straight to my medium page on my laptop only to see that the home page has been altered, yet again!!

The previous home page, had many more articles that you could access and the new one has so few.

It is bad enough that the relational model has cut into the potential views but I get the impression that this new format could make things worse.

I would humbly plead with the board and the home page designers to urgently revert to the previous home page.

It gives me access to lots of readers that I ordinarily wouldn’t have had the privilege of reading.

I hope that someone relevant and consequential gets to read this article.

Many thanks,

Adebayo Adeniran.



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