Christmas Is Cancelled!

Adebayo Adeniran
4 min readAug 26, 2021

The desperation of business leaders merely highlights the spectacular failure of Brexit

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Retail price index also known as RPI is the means by which inflation in ascertained in the United Kingdom. This is determined from a sample of the costs of goods which are seen as “essential commodities”. A pint of milk, a loaf of bread, eggs etc. fall into this category. Internationally, the preferred approach is known as consumer price index(CPI).

The process of working out Britain’s inflation figures is usually quite straight forward, but given the situation, with which we are currently grappling, nothing seems clear anymore.

Since my first article reporting on the situation of empty shelves across retail outlets, things have actually gone from bad to worse.

A major player in the industry said in an article that food shortage is the worst he has ever seen.

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McDonald’s UK have stopped selling a number of items on their menu and the immensely popular grilled chicken shop — Nando’s — have had to close a few of their branches in order to manage their stock inventory. What’s also pertinent to point out here is that no date has been given by these players on when we can expect things to return to normal.

Initially the pingdemic — the new test and trace app launched by the government — was blamed for the staff shortage in the retail sector, but as the days have turned to weeks, it has become apparent that our supply chain problems aren’t as a result of some technological contraption, but as a consequence of our new immigration policy, engendered by Brexit.

The new laws, which came into effect in the last few months, have led to a potential shortfall of a 100,000 job roles for organizations whose existence is entirely contingent on HGV drivers, pickers and the sorts of jobs that only the Polish, Romanians, Hungarians, Latvians and Estonians were keen on doing.

Cancellation of Christmas

Owing to the current state of affairs, business leaders in the retail sector have cast aside their usual reticence and spin on poor performance to…

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