Church Official At The Heart Of The Biden Communion, Implicated In Sex Scandal.

Adebayo Adeniran
2 min readJul 23, 2021

The Catholic church must reform or die.

Mateus Campos Felipe via Unsplash

On the 20th of June 2021, I wrote an article titled: “The Supreme Hypocrisy Of The Catholic Church”. As expected, there were those who thought that I took the evisceration of the movement too far and there were those who agreed with every word written about the hypocritical nature of the established church.

The basis of my previous article was on the incongruous position of the leadership of the American church and the profound anachronism of the wider movement on the important social issues of our time such as abortion and gay rights while simultaneously putting their many sins into context.

So it didn’t come as a surprise when Monsignor Jeffery Burrill, the force behind the threat to ex-communicate and deny President Joe Biden the communion, was revealed to frequent gay bars and was outed as an active user of the dating app Grindr.

The reason why this has made the news globally isn’t due to Monsignor Burrill’s sexual orientation, but due of his failure to abide by the oath of celibacy that all priests are known to undertake upon ordination and more importantly, the charges of rank hypocrisy.

We are left with the impression that the current scandal engulfing Monsignor Burrill isn’t an isolated case of a rogue actor within the movement but a microcosm of the degree to which the core of the church has rotted beyond all imagination, with vast numbers of ordained priests actively leading double lives.

The current head of the church, Pope Francis, must know that the time to conduct a root and branch reform of the church is now, for it cannot afford to keep looking in the other direction, while its priests are busy interfering with young boys all over the world and committing other sexual transgressions.

It’s clear that the only option left is to change or die.

But given the ultra conservatism of those in charge at the Vatican, the appetite for real change is simply non-existent, which can only mean one thing.

The imminent demise of the church.

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