Climate Change Is The Bastard Child Of Neoliberalism.

Adebayo Adeniran
3 min readOct 4

And one who’s determined to burn down the village to feel its warmth…

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Our planet is barely recognizable today.

If it isn’t Pakistan dealing with tsunamis threatening to wipe towns and villages off the map, then it’s Libya, grappling with the double whammy of having torrential floods in a polity which has been wrecked by civil war and insurgency.

And if folks in developed countries were feeling smug for a minute that climate change emergency is a problem exclusive to shit-hole countries, then the last few years have been such a huge surprise.

During the summer, it was Italy, which provided content or what some would call evidence of a world, rapidly changing under our noses and last week, it was New York city, dealing with a deluge of biblical proportions.

And we shouldn’t forget the wildfires which raged in Australia and in the west coast of the United States of America.

Despite the overwhelming evidence around us, we are like the proverbial ostrich, with its head in the sand.

And why is this?


Unfettered greed and a pertinacious and pernicious insistence on profiteering to the detriment of everything else.

Once before, a Gordon Gekko was an outlier in the system.

Today, everyone is wants to be Gordon Gekko. For those who do not know who Gekko is, he was the protagonist of Oliver Stone’s film — Wall Street.

What we have in the third decade of the 21st century are hedge funds, venture capital, private equity acting in concert with the likes of Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Aramco, Tesla, Mobil Exxon, Vitol, Trafigura, to lay siege to the mineral resources of the earth, while the rest of us suffer.

It’s bad enough that these behemoths will stop at nothing to control the minerals of the Congo, Niger, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, Nigeria, Iran etc., but it is beyond reprehensible that they also pay huge sums to suppress reports showing the true extent of the damage that their insatiable rapacity has wrought on our planet.

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