Could Britain Go To War With Russia and Emerge Victorious?

Adebayo Adeniran
4 min readJun 21, 2022

The Supreme irony and tragedy of Boris Johnson’s position on Russia.

Solidarity with Ukraine. Image by Chuko Cribb via Unsplash

That Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson is Britain’s worst ever premier is beyond doubt. The contenders — Anthony Eden, James Callaghan, Arthur Balfour, Theresa May, John Major and Gordon Brown — do not come close.

What we have learned from this clown in office is that he hasn’t a shred of dignity or integrity and all he has done since his election win in 2019, has been to sacrifice everyone and everything around him to remain in power.

And something you must know is that our worst ever Prime Minister models himself on Britain’s greatest ever leader — Winston Churchill — a man whose integrity was above reproach at a time of great national peril in 1940.

Some may argue with a degree of coherence that Churchill wasn’t a man of integrity, not least because of the mass starvation of millions of Bengalis in the early 1940s, but I promise to return to this subject in a separate article.

But back to the subject matter.

In a rather strange turn of events, the evocation of Winston Churchill and his exploits during the second world war has found new meaning in 2022.

Why, I hear you ask?

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The decision by Vladimir Putin to go to war with its neighbour has given our beleaguered leader, a new lease of life.

And Boris Johnson, who has never been one to pass up the opportunity to play the great saviour suddenly finds himself playing one, on the global stage.

This was evinced by the fact that it was he, not Joe Biden, Olaf Scholz nor Emmanuel Macron, who first went to Kiev to show solidarity with the Ukrainian leader, Zelenskyy, with a carefully choreographed walkabout.

And to back up his publicized visit to Ukraine, Johnson made the promise of supplying Zelenskyy with the weapons needed to defeat Putin.

But we must ask in all candor, who was he fooling?

Does Britain have the men or the weapons to outmaneuver the Russian bear?



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