Cursed Are The Meek Of The Earth, For They Are Well And Truly F**ked

Adebayo Adeniran
5 min readAug 18, 2021

In a world disfigured by anarchic capitalism, the meek and poor must awake from their narcolepsy and overthrow the system.

Jo-Anne McArthur Via Unsplash

The world around us is fast unravelling. Reading the newspapers or watching the news is an entirely depressing undertaking. Our planet is imploding and exploding literally, right before our very eyes.

Those whom we entrusted to make decisions on our behalf, have betrayed us at every turn. The politicians elected to act in the interests of the people have long given up any semblance of pretending to give a fuck. Their profound incompetence and moral bankruptcy have been the defining points of their stewardship.

There are those, who will seek to defend their favourite politicians, saying Democrats are much nobler compared to their Republican counterparts, who are opportunistic, spineless and corrupt.

But I have this to say to them:

Why did Obama let off Wall Street so easily in 2009, when he had a once in the lifetime opportunity to institute wide ranging reforms to neutralize the excesses of the bankers?

Why didn’t America’s first Black President sign a relief check for millions of its citizens, who lost their homes, when the bankers, thought that regular folk were easy pickings or in the language of Wall Street, “ a moral hazard”?

Why did Obama bomb Awulaki and his son, both of whom were American citizens out of existence in Yemen and yet on matters of importance to Black people in America, acted like a mouse?

Why did Bill Clinton, incarcerate record numbers of Blackmen, to outflank the GOP? Why did he execute Ricky Ray Rector — a man whose mental capacity was completely diminished?

Why did the same Clinton sign the welfare to work legislation in 1996, gutting the only safety net, available to millions of people, of whom Brown and Black people were the most vulnerable?

Why did Biden elect to abandon the Afghans to their fate, with millions of people, especially women dreading what their lives would become, under the repressive Taliban regime?

It is clear that we have been failed by the politicians of all stripes, sold out by these

Adebayo Adeniran

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