Defunding The London Metropolitan Police Isn’t Such a Radical Idea

Adebayo Adeniran
5 min readOct 1, 2021

Wayne Couzens isn’t an outlier, the culture of policemen abusing women and terrorizing people of colour is far more widespread than we realize.

Tadas Petrokas via unsplash

Yesterday, Wayne Couzens, a former officer with the metropolitan police was convicted of the murder of Sarah Everard, a young woman who was walking back home from visiting a friend.

As is her wont, the head of the London metropolitan police, Cressida Dick released the following statement following the pronouncement of whole life sentences by the judge at the old bailey.

I am absolutely horrified that this man used his position of trust to deceive and coerce Sarah and I know you all are too… what he did was unthinkable and appalling.”

She continued: “He has very considerably added to the sense of insecurity that many have in our cities, perhaps particularly women. I am absolutely sickened… this man has brought shame on the Met. We have been rocked.

I recognize that a precious bond of trust has been damaged. I will do everything in my power to ensure we learn any lessons. There are no words that can fully express the fury and overwhelming sadness that we all feel about what happened to Sarah. I am so sorry.



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