Does India Have a Problem With Women?

Adebayo Adeniran
3 min readJun 1

Or is it a global malaise?

Olia Danilevich via Pexels

You will have seen the images by now.

A young woman was beaten to death after turning down a man’s advances.

It is almost hard to decide whether the violence against the defenseless woman was more stomach churning than the folks who walked on by and acted as though they didn’t see what was happening.

But these aren’t isolated incidents.

Crimes against women have risen in the last two years by 40 percent and according to a statistic I read online, every ten minutes a woman is raped in India.

A few years ago, there were a number of incidents of women being raped and killed, which drew international outrage and condemnation.

And when we factor in the high number of female fetuses which have aborted in the last forty years in India, only then do we start to appreciate the degree to which India really has a major problem.

All of which raises the question: does India have a problem with women or is it symptomatic of a global malaise with menfolk?

I suspect that it is very much the latter.

The Republicans in the United States and the Conservatives in the United Kingdom are clearly as bad as their Indian and Saudi counterparts.

The so-called libertarians who are quite keen on mouthing off their love of freedom have never extended the same passion to women’s rights.

2022 saw the reversal of the landmark judgement —Roe V Wade — by the supreme court, a move which was supported by the vast majority of Republican members of Congress and senate.

In Britain, leading Conservatives voted against women being able to have legal abortions in Northern Ireland.

Here in the UK, convictions for rape cases is very low.

British Policemen in vast numbers, have committed acts of rape and sexual violence against women and got away with it, given…

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