Does The Follower Count Indicate Medium’s Explosive Growth?

Adebayo Adeniran
2 min readJan 10, 2024

Just asking…

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Something strange is afoot.

In the last two months, I have added nearly a thousand followers.

It took the better part of a year to go from 241 to 1,600 followers in 2021 and the numbers doubled to 3,200 by the start of 2023 and the last year ended with having just over 5,000 followers.

But in the month of December and January —considering that the new month is only nine days old — my numbers have spiked radically.

And I was wondering, what could be behind this phenomenon? Is my writing better than ever or could it be that I have found an audience, after all these years of grafting and toiling?

Or could it be Medium’s explosive growth?

I am under no illusions regarding my popularity: however compelling my material may be, I suspect that I am never going to have the pull of a Denning, Jgin, Arnold, or any of the newbies currently taking the platform by storm but having close to a thousand followers added in a very short space of time, tells me that the changes which Buster Benson wrote about in July might be having the desired effect.

I may be wrong. I may be right.

But this space isn’t what it was a year ago and if you are very good at what you do, the algorithm will push you to the very front of the queue.

And it is fair to state that Tony Stubblebine has hit the sweet spot as it relates to growing the customer base and increasing the profits.

And there’s no telling how far things can go when the Medium Partnership Program is expanded to the very many countries which are currently waiting in the wings: Brazil, India, Nigeria etc.

For those of us who have paid special attention to what’s been happening for years, your beloved space has ridden the crest waves of the pandemic and the free money which came with the global shutdown and the anti-climatic slowdown, when the liquidity dried up.

And this is precisely why we must ask if this current growth trajectory is sustainable? And should things change, what are the plans to deal with the inevitable decline?

While Coach Tony has written extensively about how things have changed on his watch, it would be nice to see what he and his team are doing in terms of ensuring that writers in the countries mentioned in the previous paragraphs are getting their money’s worth from their writing.

Nothing would give me greater joy than to see Medium embark on new projects, enter unchartered territory and break the mold in the business of writing.

One gets the distinct impression that this may have already begun.

This is my two cents, what’s yours?



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