Extreme Psychopaths Seem To Be The Perfect Fit For Political and Business Leadership, These Days..

Adebayo Adeniran
4 min readFeb 7, 2023

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Arnold Hutschneker

Professor Hutschneker isn’t a name familiar with millions around the world but he said something that was quite notable during his career as a psychiatrist.

It was he who said that politicians should be subjected to psychiatric examination before deemed suitable for office.

Back when his Hutschneker’s views were printed in a major newspaper, it did cause a bit of a stir in Washington.


They all knew who exactly he was referring to: Richard Nixon.

The thought that someone as psychologically flawed as Nixon could be in charge of anything was abhorrent to the Austrian émigré.

Fifty years have gone since Nixon resigned in disgrace as a result of the Watergate scandal and what’s interesting is that we have learnt nothing from our past history.

When you look at the serial philanderers and liars whom we have rewarded at the polls, on both sides of the Atlantic, such as Bill Clinton, Boris Johnson and Donald Trump, you can’t help wondering why our countries are such an almighty mess at the moment.

Using my country as an example, it is clear to all to see that Brexit has wrecked our economy lives and yet, we have former Premiers acting as though they did nothing wrong in gambling with our lives and livelihoods.

You had Boris Johnson the other day, in deep discussions with an Ukrainian official, suggesting that they take steps in joining the EU.

Yes, you read that correctly. Boris Johnson did advise the Ukrainian official to rejoin the European Union.

This coming from a bloke whose entire schtick was all about getting Brexit done; the same dude who lied through his teeth about 350 million pounds being repatriated to the UK on a weekly basis once our departure’s confirmed.

And there’s Jacob Rees-Mogg, whose grandfather was a miner, but sounds like an 18th century aristocrat, coming out to say that Brexit has been very successful for the vast majority of the public.



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