Facebook: The Greatest Propaganda Machine In The History of Mankind

Adebayo Adeniran
1 min readMar 31, 2021

A very short riposte to Nick Clegg’s article.

Alexander Shatov via Unsplashhttps://unsplash.com/photos/CTZhGbSxWLI

The words of Sacha Baron Cohen ring quite powerfully true - Facebook is the greatest propaganda machine in the history of humankind. Had it existed during the third Reich, it would have been enormously successful in spreading lies about people, who weren’t White Anglo Saxon and Protestant.

It will take more than a 21 minute article to clean up the mess made to our polity and political discourse by your organization, when you allowed Donald Trump and his backers to spread lies unchecked.

Your paymaster’s algorithms, time and again, have been shown to reflect the very worst of humanity- racism and bigotry.

What you should be writing about, are the efforts to tackle racist abuse on your platforms, which have led to famous footballers taking a step backwards from social media.

We need more than the platitudes that you were quite famous for, during your time in the coalition government, when you said one thing on the campaign trail, only to turn round and vote for the extraordinary increase in tuition fees.

It’s exactly why you and your party, under your spineless leadership,were decimated at the 2015 general elections.

Do better, be better.



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