Four Prime Ministers in Six Years: The UK’s Descent To Failed State Is Complete

Adebayo Adeniran
5 min readSep 5, 2022

And the next leader is waiting in the wings…

The British people by Matt Brown via unsplash

The year is 2001.

The country’s economy is in the doldrums.

Owing to its inability to resolve its intractable problems of high inflation and civil disturbance, a number of heads of state are appointed.

And defenestrated.

By the year’s end, the country has had five Presidents.

The country in question is Argentina.

To those who have made it far, they may be wondering what on earth has Argentina got to do with the first country in the world to industrialize?

To help provide a sobering reminder of how quickly a country can fall out of favour and into disrepute as a result of execrably bad leadership.

Argentina heading into the 20th century was one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Its economy was larger than France or Germany’s in 1913 and nearly twice the size of its former colonial master — Spain.

The world renowned luxury store — Harrods's — was present in only two countries — The United Kingdom and Argentina — in the 20th century.

But once the Latin American country had its first taste of political instability, it never recovered. It simply veered from military dictatorships to elected governments until the early 1980s.

Even then, the unresolved problems of the previous decades came back to haunt the country in so many different ways culminating in the events of 2001/2002, when the country was changing its leaders like it was changing its underwear.

So why have I brought this up?


Britain’s decision by way of a referendum to leave the European Union has unleashed upon the country, a tsunami of political instability.

And it is unlike anything we have ever seen before.

For political commentators of a certain generation who remember what the 1970s were like, they are quick to point out to us that despite Ted Heath’s three day week, when electricity had to be rationed to James Callaghan’s winter of discontent, when the bins were…

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