General Mark Milley Shows That There’s Space For Nuance In Public Debate, In These Polarizing Times.

Adebayo Adeniran
4 min readJun 27, 2021

A much needed alternative perspective in the age of the extreme.

General Mark Milley via Wikimedia Commons

The Republican party, still in the grips of Trumpism and Trump, has been lashing at its enemies — real or imagined — since its defeat at the polls, last November. In the state of Georgia, Texas and elsewhere, there have been concerted efforts to disenfranchise large sections of electorate, a great number of whom are Black and Brown, in a bid to prevent what to place at the last elections.

Also in their sights have been teaching of topics and subjects, deemed “woke”, left wing and inimical to their interests, such as the critical race theory.

Critical Race Theory?

Yes, in the eyes of the insane, who have taken over the GOP, and their best mates at Fox news, the critical race theory, pretty much sums up everything wrong with society and the impending “Marxist take over” of America. In the alternate universe, in which they habit, the proponents of CRT have infiltrated every institution of the country, of which the army, has been one.

It is against this backdrop of fear and confusion created by the republicans that the Secretary for Defense, Lloyd Austin and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, General Mike Milley were invited by the congress to answer questions, on the subject matter of the possible intrusion of left wing politics into the most sacred and revered American institution of all — the army.

Given that so much of America and indeed the world knew so little about General Milley, what followed next was a scene stealing appearance from chairman of the joint chiefs of staff.

In response to Rep Matt Gaetz question on the subject of critical race theory, General Milley had the following to say:

First of all, on the issue of critical race theory, et cetera, I’ll obviously have to get much smarter on whatever the theory is, but I do think it’s…

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