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Adebayo Adeniran
3 min readJun 15, 2021

Why aren’t other billionaires like McKenzie Scott in using their wealth to change the world for good?

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The title of the article is taken from a sentence that I underlined in a post titled: Seeding is ceding. In the post pandemic world, that has left the chasm between the rich and the poor greater than ever, with the rich accumulating more than they would ever need in this lifetime or the very next, one billionaire, with far more emotional intelligence than the rest of the billionaire class put together, is bucking the trend.

McKenzie Scott is her name.

To her, seeding in humanity means ceding her material wealth.

While her ex husband made the headlines recently with his acquisition of a $500 million yacht and his plans to go to space in July, this phenomenal human being has been working overtime to address the more salient and polarizing issues of our time.

J.K. Rowling, another fabulously wealthy woman, the author of the wildly successful, Harry Potter books, lost her billionaire status, owing to the level of her philanthropic commitments.

Seeing the extraordinary degree of engagement that these exceptional women have undertaken to giving their hard earned money away, one forced to ask:

Why aren’t other members of this exclusive establishment — the billionaire’s club, doing the same?

As opposed to buying over priced appurtenances, which rapidly lose value and pissing vast amounts of money on vanity projects, why aren’t the likes of Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and the other money bags doing what these women have done, thus far?

Could it be a gender problem? Are we much more psychopathic, less emotional intelligent and self aware than our female counterparts, hence our inability to look inward and generate real solutions?

Ms. Scott, explaining her thinking in doing what she did, said the following:

We also assessed organizations focused on supporting community engagement itself. The 1.6 million non-profits in America employ 10% of our country’s workforce, and 63 million volunteers. While political pendulums swing back and forth, redistributing and re-concentrating wealth, we can choose to fund…

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