How Is It That The Wealthiest Man In The World Is an African Immigrant and Yet Profoundly Racist?

Adebayo Adeniran
4 min readApr 5, 2022

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Nitish Meena via Unsplash

It is a well known fact that African migrants suffer the greatest indignities wherever they go; It doesn’t matter whether they are in Libya waiting to cross into Europe or they are in Ukraine, studying to become doctors or they are in the South American jungle, trying to make their way into Mexico in order to get to the United States, navigating life as an African immigrant is unforgivingly brutal and dehumanizing.

And yet, we find ourselves in the extraordinary situation of producing an African migrant, who has gone on to not only change the world but to also make a staggering fortune, of which the world has never seen.

What is his name?

Elon Musk.

These days our man is as famous for his shenanigans online as he is for his extraordinary wealth; only yesterday, it was confirmed that he’d purchased 9.2 % of the social media giant —Twitter — thus making him the largest shareholder. Already, the value of the company has risen by way of the strategic decision by the real life Tony Stark.

Most people walking this earth surface would be incredulous if it was pointed out to them that Elon Musk was born and bred in the Republic of South Africa in 1971, back when it was a global pariah, and just before he was due to serve in the military, our protagonist ran out of the country and went to North America to study and the rest as they say is history.

As he himself, said in an interview, of which I have reproduced via YouTube below, our protagonist claimed to have fled the country of his birth because the oppression of Black people didn’t sit well with him, during the age of the white minority government, known to all as apartheid.

To the gullible in our midst, the footage above is ample proof that the wealthiest man ever to exist has always cared about issues of race and race equality.

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