I am starting to think that all efforts to help place the country on the right path is a complete waste of time and nothing will change until there is a collective change in mass psychology.

I think that we should never compare Nigeria to city states like Singapore or to a monolingual country such as the united states.

we have never, since gaining “independence” had a sustained period of growth and development, we have been in a perpetual state of disruption and crises since 1960.

The current crop of politicians and plutocrats are the worst thing to ever happen to the country; they have amassed so much wealth to detriment of everything else; education, healthcare, transportation etc. I do believe that it’s quite tragic that we have a huge population yet only so few are literate and can afford healthcare, in the event of a major emergency…..

The curse of globalization; i strongly believe that the flight of its citizens to the west has brought about a gaping hole in our country’s development. We will chart the profoundly immense damage,wrought on families, neighborhoods by globalization… though you may argue that this should be offset by the population explosion that we have but this may not necessarily be the case….

If i were an employer of Labor, i would be very concerned, at how things are turning out….

I write this as a british born Nigerian, who moved back, only 5 years ago….

A lifelong bibliophile, who seeks to unleash his energy on as many subjects as possible