If you had said to me that Brexit would happen in 2014, I would have written the exact same comments as you. From the standpoint of a cosmopolitan Londoner, I would argue to the death, but guess what? it did, in 2016.

In the 1970s, when the British economy tanked, big time, there were people talking of a fascist takeover, the prime minister of the day- Harold Wilson said he was being spied on, back then, his comments were dismissed, but it turns out, when classified papers were released, he was being spied on.

The events of April 61, when a few french generals, threatened to take over, inspired Frederick Forsythe's novel.

What may seem risible and absurd today, could easily be the order, tomorrow.

A day is a long time in politics...



Adebayo Adeniran

A lifelong bibliophile, who seeks to unleash his energy on as many subjects as possible