Is The London Bridge Falling Down?

Adebayo Adeniran
2 min readSep 8, 2022

The next few hours will determine…

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Years and years of preparation on this subject have led to this moment.

The code name for Her Majesty’s demise is : The London Bridge has fallen.

The protocol has been mapped out.

Several years in advance.

And it is precisely why the alarm bells are currently ringing as the Queen has been placed ‘under supervision’ by her doctors, as fears grow for her health.

Already, Princes Charles and Williams are already headed to Balmoral where she is currently staying to monitor how things pan out.

Alarm bells had begun ringing when we were told that Her Majesty will not be travelling to Buckingham palace to appoint the new prime minister.

And now, we have a slight idea of what’s actually going on.

There’s never a right time for Britain’s longest serving monarch to bow out, given our current constitutional difficulties with Brexit and Scotland’s potential independence from the United Kingdom, but the inevitable will indubitably throw a lot of things into disarray.

How long will Australia and Canada wait for, before making their bids to become full republics known?

When will the likes of Jamaica and Antigua follow suit?

Will the commonwealth continue to exist in its current format?

Are we likely to face a massive constitutional crisis in the coming days, weeks and months?

What will the inevitable mean for Scotland and Ireland?

There are umpteen questions to which no one has any answers.

Anyone who has read my articles will appreciate that I am not necessarily a fan of the royal family but it must be pointed out that Her Majesty has been the only head of state that the vast majority of us have known in our lifetimes.

And she has been bloody good at her job too.

Her presence, extraordinary preternatural calm, and even handedness are qualities that have been sorely lacking in our politicians of late.

I must say that the world will be a much poorer place with what’s about to come.

Adebayo Adeniran

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