J.Edgar Hoover or Big Tech: Who Has Inflicted More Harm on Society?

Adebayo Adeniran
4 min readJun 15, 2022

How does the might of the state compare with the Tech giants?

Evil personified via Wikimedia Commons

I am convinced that J. Edgar Hoover was one of the most evil and powerful individuals of the last century.

For those who have never come across the name or know so little about the man, Mr. Hoover was in charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation otherwise known as the FBI and its predecessor — bureau of investigation for well over five decades.

From his initial appointment in 1924 until his death in 1972, no other individual wielded so much power over hundreds of millions like he did.

Every President from Roosevelt to Nixon readily recognized this and worked very hard to have him on side, given the degree of dirt that he had on them.

It was on his watch that the Bureau of Investigation became Federal, replete with sweeping powers, which allowed him to bring the celebrated outlaws of the 1930s such as John Dillinger and Machine Gun Kelly to heel.

This article wasn’t written with bank robbers in mind, but it was authored to show the ways we are still dealing with the ramifications of one man’s actions in 2022.

Under the guise of fighting communism domestically, our man arrogated extraordinary powers to himself and destroyed millions of lives in the process.

While Presidents Kennedy and Nixon were worried about their personal business being splashed our publicly, the African-American community were a particular target of his and the technological might of the bureau was brought to bear in destroying the community.

The likes of Reverend Martin Luther King and Malcolm X were bugged with full knowledge of the department of justice and it is inconceivable to think that the assailants of both men weren’t known to the J.Edgar Hoover and the bureau.

To think that domestic terrorists who bombed the church in Alabama, killing four little girls were known to the bureau, but justice wasn’t served until a few decades later.

If you are Black in America, it is impossible to see the FBI as anything more than a terrorist organization and we have J. Edgar Hoover to thank for this.



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