James Bond In The Age of Brexit

Adebayo Adeniran
3 min readSep 30, 2021

Given the current mess, the release of the new film couldn’t have come at a worse time in Britain.

Jordan Nix via Unsplash

No time to die, Daniel Craig’s final outing as the sharp suited spy will hit the big screens across the globe today. For all fans of the franchise, the expectations are sky high and judging by the reviews in the British papers in the last few days, cinema goers are highly likely to get their money’s worth from the intricate plot lines, death-defying stunts and not to mention our protagonist sipping a vodka martini, shaken not stirred while having his wicked way with beautiful glamorous women from disparate parts of the world.

But what about the British public?

Surely, they must be looking forward to the release of the film given the state of the country, where there’s a chronic food and petrol shortage, with absolutely no end in sight?

Well the answer is much more complicated than we think….

To the Brexit supporting elite and their exceptionally stupid foot soldiers, the timing of ‘no time to die’ is a reminder of everything that Great Britain stands for — the English language, the British Empire, the defeat of the Germans, Winston Churchill, British exceptionalism and so on.

To the gullible working class, Kim Philby and his friends at Cambridge, who were busy passing information to the Russians never existed; The murder of Gareth Williams — a MI-6 employee — never happened.

To these lot, the line between fact and fiction is insanely blurred, they see the world captured in Bond films as reflective of Britain’s place in the world; They see Queen Elizabeth’s cameo alongside James Bond at the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony as a clear endorsement of Britain’s continuing relevance and power in the 21st century.

But to those of us who inhabit the parallel universe, the real world, we know that the super spy, just like the rest of us in these perilous times, won’t be sipping on some cocktail in some over expensive bar, chatting up some fit bird, but would be at the nearest petrol station, queuing to get some fuel and getting involved in brawls like the ones that I have seen in my neighbourhood lately.



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