Jeremy Corbyn: A Profound Apology Revisited.

Adebayo Adeniran
5 min readJan 6, 2024

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Exactly a year ago, I published an open letter to the former leader of the Labour Party — Jeremy Corbyn.

In the post, I wrote about the concerted efforts of the establishment to vilify and destroy the man who wanted to change Britain for the better and offered an apology for our short-sightedness, parochialism and profound stupidity.

At the time I generated the piece, this author had no idea on how the entire year would pan out; on how we would be forced to come to terms with our grotesque hypocrisy and bigotry.

And the events following from the 7th of October, have changed our lives forever.

While we were prepared to see Hamas destroyed and defeated, we didn’t think that the campaign would entail the slaughter of thousands of women and babies and nor did we think that our timelines would be flooded with images of babies in incubators rotting away.

And when we decided to hit the streets to protest the complicity of our governments in the genocide of Palestinians, we weren’t expecting to be called anti-Semitic nor were we expecting to labelled Jew-haters.

But you, Mr. Corbyn, were ahead of the curve on this: the tricks which were perfected on you, were rolled out to those who dared to stick their necks above the parapet.

Universities, which were the bastion of academic freedom, became yet another place to destroy those who dared to criticize Israel as powerfully evinced by the resignation of Claudine Gay and her contemporaries from other Ivy league schools.

But you have doubled down on your criticisms of state of Israel and its morally bankrupt and depraved political leadership and you have been a shining beacon for the rarest of rare breeds in the western political space: a conviction politician.

A year on and I am incredibly proud to have written the original piece, which serves as a vindication of who you are and everything that you have spent your political life fighting for.

Keir Starmer might very become Britain’s next Prime Minister, at the next elections, but it is worth pointing out that you are a thousand times the man that he will ever be.



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