Jessica Wildfire Was Right: Putin Has Already Won The War

Adebayo Adeniran
4 min readAug 7, 2023

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Image via Wikimedia Commons

In March 2022, just as the Russian invasion of Ukraine was kicking off, Jessica Wildfire wrote a powerful piece stating the reasons why Russia had won the war.

Our protagonist took the time to explain the reasons why this was case, as I have reproduced below:

This war already feels like it’s been going for years. In fact, it hasn’t even been two weeks yet. Putin knows this. He knows the world is strained and exhausted from the pandemic. He actually helped exacerbate and prolong it by facilitating the spread of anti-vaxxer propaganda.

Putin also knows the world is running short on vital supplies, largely because we’re depleting our resources.

Russia is a top exporter of:








Unfortunately, this is the kind of stuff the world can’t do without. Compare that to the top U.S. exports, like beverages, planes, and cars. You can’t make beverages without aluminum, bro. You can’t make plastic bottles without oil. You can’t drive cars or fly planes without it, either.



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