Joe Biden Is In Grave Danger of Becoming a Failed President Like His Democratic Predecessor

Adebayo Adeniran
3 min readJun 26, 2022

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Biden and Obama via Wikimedia commons

Far more than any American politician of the last century, Joseph Robinette Biden is the most experienced to serve as President of his country.

LBJ and Richard Nixon did rack up the years in long apprenticeships, but it must be pointed out that not one of these gentlemen come close to the current incumbent of the White House.

Joe Biden served as Senator for well over 35 years and did 8 years as Vice to America’s first Black President.

Over the course of his long years in American politics, Biden worked with southern segregationists in his party and in the GOP to successfully craft legislation which helped enrich the 1% and incarcerated millions of men of colour.

Given his wealth of experience as a legislator and executive, you would be forgiven for thinking that upon winning the Presidential elections in 2020, that he would help neuter, or if I may use very strong language, destroy the Republicans as a political force.

And what do I mean by this?

That he would abolish the filibuster, codify Roe v Wade in making it federal law and expand the supreme court to at least 13 judges. And take bold decisive steps in undoing the poisonous legacy of his immediate predecessor.

Instead our man has shown absolutely no appetite for being radical and transformative, and this is precisely why he is in grave danger of becoming a failed president like his Democratic predecessor.

Admittedly, I am writing this from a place of great disappointment, because I really did think that his first hand knowledge of the recalcitrant Republicans allied to his time working with Obama, would help him succeed where the great orator failed.

But here we are in June 2022, with abortion being illegal and the very strong possibility of same sex marriage, Plessy v Ferguson and Brown v Board of education being overturned by the supreme court.

And this is why the leading lights on the left of the party, such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are insistent on new players contesting the 2024 Democratic primaries to reflect the direction in which the party…

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