Joe Rogan’s Repeated Use of The N-Word

Adebayo Adeniran
3 min readFeb 5, 2022

Are we still trying to absolve the man of his bigotry?

I wrote an article well over a week ago about Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson’s racism and bigotry.

As expected there were people in the comments section who were keen on defending their man. I have screen shot the comments for those seeking to deny that this ever took place.

In the screen shot images posted above, we see a gentleman whose parents come from a caste obsessed society, to whom the skin tone reference would have meant nothing. For those who understand that South Asians can be profoundly racist, words like ‘gala’ help to underscore this salient fact.

And in the latter two images, we have readers in this space of European descent, who thought that I was perhaps a tad sensitive and read too much into Rogan’s comments about dark skinned folk in Africa, who go on about their lives without clothes.

It was against the backdrop of Joe Rogan’s career of giving offence that it came to light that he had used the word ‘Nigger’ on a number of occasions on his podcast.

To all those who were lining up to absolve the man of his deep seated prejudice, do you need any more proof of his racism? Would you like me to attach the video in which he describes going to a Black neighbourhood as ‘planet of the apes’?

Do the readers here in this space realize that they are as just as racist as the man himself, when they fail to condemn his wrongdoing?

For millions of Blackfolk here and beyond, this episode simply sums up the difficulties that we have in the work place, when reporting the racist behaviour of our colleagues.

Adebayo Adeniran

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