McKenzie Scott Is Jessica Wildfire With a Few Billions To Her Name.

Adebayo Adeniran
3 min readJun 16, 2021

A billionaire with a social conscience.

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There are a few phenomenal writers whose work I find completely absorbing and hugely enjoyable on this platform.

Jessica Wildfire is one of them.

Anyone who has read her work consistently will fully appreciate my comments about Ms. Wildfire.

More than any other writer on medium, the supreme uninfluencer has written powerfully about the profound inequalities in American society the billionaire class and the excesses of laissez-faire capitalism.

Unlike the chronicler of American and British fascism and stupidity(who will remain nameless), whose tone is perpetually apocalyptic and whose arguments are completely repetitive and lacking in nuance and subtlety, Ms Wildfire combines analytical rigour with compelling prose.

In her recent articles, Ms. Wildfire has written extensively about American democracy; its historical underpinnings, the growing pains and how it has been corrupted by the insatiably rapacious oligarch class, intent on robbing people of their dignity and everything else.

In her article titled: “A reflection on late capitalism”, not only are we given a master class on the 21st century incarnation of the private means of ownership, there is also a lengthy call to order on what every day citizens must do to push back on the quest of the multi billionaires to own and conquer the planet.

Seeding is Ceding

It is against the backdrop of the articles from Ms. Wildfire that McKenzie Scott published an article, here on medium detailing her contribution of $ 2.7 billion dollars to various bodies, dedicated to fighting for racial and gender equality, poverty, environmentalism and other social issues.

It was as though the former Mrs. Jeff Bezos had been reading Jessica Wildfire, the entire time; that she knew and had an awareness of what the problems were and that she clearly understood the kind of work to be undertaken, to help tilt the balance in favour of those who had been dispossessed and disenfranchised in the world’s greatest democracy.



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