Mick Lynch Is The Revolutionary That Britain So Badly Needs

Adebayo Adeniran
4 min readJun 23, 2022

Unionism isn’t dead after all.

Image by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona via Unsplash

The beginnings of something special is brewing in the United Kingdom.

After having endured twelve years of destructive cuts to our public services, the working man and woman seem to have had enough and are making their voices heard.

In one of my articles titled The Poorest in Society aren’t worth saving, I wrote extensively about the degree to which people’s lives have been blighted by the Tories in Power. I gave the example of the bedroom tax, which was initiated by George Osborne in 2015, which was designed to strip working class people of any meaningful wealth that they may have accumulated over time.

In the same write up, I pointed to the insulting 1% pay rise that was given to the nurses who put their lives on the line to save millions of folks during the pandemic.

In another post titled Hunger Games In Brexit Britain, I detailed how hard Brexit is playing out on a daily basis with empty supermarket shelves, rising food costs and a precipitous fall in living standards. Doubtless the war in Ukraine has played a part in our current travails, but there can be no getting away from the outsized role that Britain’s economic isolation is playing in this current mess.

In several other write ups, I have sought to give readers from all over the world an idea of how incredibly tough life has become in one of the world’s largest economies, since we made the profoundly stupid decision to break away from one of the strongest political and economic unions in the globe.

Current events in the United Kingdom have shown that the Rubicon has been crossed.

Two days ago, the national union of rail, transport and maritime workers proceeded to go on strike over their pay and working conditions.

And at the heart of this charge is Mick Lynch.

Given the level of disruption that these strikes have caused to those going about their daily lives, the might of Britain’s right wing establishment have descended on Mr. Lynch.

The Daily Mail, which I had also written about a few days ago, came out to attack the Labour Party for the disputes, stating on its front pages…

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