Adebayo Adeniran
1 min readJan 4, 2019

Nassim Nicholas Taleb,

Thanks very much for this article.

I must confess that i had you down as a right wing nut case, but on reading antifragile, i found myself laughing and making several notes on the book and I am glad to have abandoned my biases and prejudices to enjoy your write ups….

It suffices to say that IQ tests are one great big scam and racism, as we know it is a trillion dollar multi national business……

Read Lenin’s Imperialism, the highest stage of capitalism or John atkinson hobson’s book on imperialism to understand the great deception….

The methods that Mr. Taleb has used to explain his worldview is the big take away for me and I should go ahead to purchase Stephan Murdoch’s book on IQ.

Do keep churning out great thought provoking articles; it’s made a huge difference to my life!

Adebayo Adeniran

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