Novak Djokovic Vs The Australian Government: The Sequel

Adebayo Adeniran
3 min readJan 14, 2022

The Immigration Minister’s decision puts Djokovic’s career in serious jeopardy

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Just a few minutes ago, the Australian immigration minister made the all important decision to cancel the visa of Serbia’s most famous son, for the second time, in the aftermath of his court case victory, a few days ago.

What’s different about this chapter, is that there is a provision in the law, which grants the minister, the power to overturn the judgement of the courts, in exceptional circumstances.

And this episode is truly exceptional.

We now know that Djokovic had contracted the virus, had contact with a number of people, chose not to get vaccinated and had lied to the authorities about his situation.

I must say that I have never been a huge fan of the current Australian government. My view is that they are as profoundly racist as the one we have in Britain and the way they have dehumanized the asylum seekers in their midst, is worth denouncing a billion times over.

But over the course of this episode with one of the greatest players ever to pick a tennis racquet, the Antipodean government was left with no choice but to act ruthlessly and decisively, regardless of the status of the man in question.

And this is worthy of praise and emulation.

In view of the fact that millions have died from this dreaded disease, it is especially upsetting to see a global figure act with such irresponsibility and extraordinary hubris.

When I wrote my previous article on the subject matter nearly a week ago, I stated that the humiliation of Djokovic was good and proper and there were those who disagreed, not least the high court judge, who presided over the appeal process. When the judgement came in, I was profoundly disappointed that the judge saw it fit to allow the superstar to compete in the country.

And now this.

To the all important question, where does this leave our man?

It is almost inevitable that Djokovic’s team will appeal the decision by the all powerful immigration officer, but given the exceptional circumstances under which the decision was made, it is highly unlikely that…

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