Obama and Van Jones Are Black Ivy League Scholars With The Same Views: But Why Is One of Them Such a Tragic, Comic Figure?

Adebayo Adeniran
3 min readNov 26, 2023

Just asking…

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Obama gets away with a lot.

Our man has murdered several thousands in the Middle East, Asia and Africa and no one seems to care.

Or remember.

To those who are a bit slow on the uptake, I am referring to what took place in Libya, Yemen and Syria in the immediate aftermath of the Arab spring in 2011, when rebel forces suddenly found themselves on the side of America and its allies.

The Black Africans, who lived in Gaddafi’s country were safe in the knowledge that they could go about their business without being terrorized by the natives.

And once Gaddaffi’s removal was actualized by NATO, the rebel led forces promptly slaughtered hundreds of Black Africans.

Folks will remember what took place in other parts of the Middle East, when ISIS ran riot back then, killing westerners and non-westerners with equal fervour.

Yemen did also go the same way as Libya, when the long term strongman — Abdul Saleh —was taken out, with Saudi Arabia being caught up in the protracted war which subsequently broke out.

It is no exaggeration to state that those places will never recover; certainly not in my lifetime.

And there was also the allegation of America spying on its allies.

On the watch of the first African-American president, Angela Merkel’s phone was bugged, for reasons which were never made clear.

But you’re left with the impression that Obama’s sins are easily forgiven and forgotten by the wider world.

And there’s Van Jones.

I don’t imagine any white British male or female being familiar with Mr. Jones.

But if you watch CNN on a regular basis, you will be more than familiar with the bald headed middle-aged Black gentleman.



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