Oops, Prince William Has Done It Again!

Adebayo Adeniran
4 min readMar 10, 2022

The second in line to the throne is determined to channel his grandfather in words and deeds.

Prince William via Wikimedia Commons

Twenty-two years ago when the world was a much more innocent place, Britney Spears and Prince William had a budding friendship. They exchanged emails a number of times — something which led to the British press speculating as to whether a relationship might blossom between the then biggest pop star on the planet and a telegenic real life prince with lots of hair.

Since then so much has changed. Both individuals have gone on to live very interesting lives. With the American singer, she has had enough ups and downs to generate a Netflix special all on its own, while the Duke of Cambridge has gone on to build a little nest, while dealing with his own soap opera and not forgetting to mention that William in his current bald state is almost unrecognizable from the pin up of the late 90s and early noughties.

And Prince William’s soap opera is the very basis of this article.

For those who read my posts regularly, you will have an idea of what the royal family have been up to recent times.

You will have read about his outsize role in widening of the schism between Prince Harry, Meghan and the broader royal family last year, when the Sussexes elected to leave Britain and go it alone in America.

You will also have read about the Duke of Cambridge lecturing Africans on population control, failing to take into account that he himself, who subsists off the sweat of the British people, has three children of his own.

Thus far, you will see that there is a bit of a pattern here: Prince William, it seems, has taken over the mantle of saying the very first thing that comes to his head, borrowing a leaf from his paternal grandfather, the late Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Phillip.

And before you have a go at me for daring to suggest that the Queen’s grandson may have racist tendencies, our man went a step further!

At a meeting with Ukrainians at a community center in London, the duke remarked that the scenes of young Ukrainian babies being killed and displaced was the sort of thing that people were accustomed to seeing in Africa, Asia and the Middle-East, but certainly not Europe.

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