Adebayo Adeniran
1 min readNov 18, 2018


Apologies for only having discovered your writing.

I personally began reading Vidia about 20 years ago, just fresh out of my teenage years, his novels on Micheal X, a house for Mr. Biswas, magic seeds and his apparent fondness for black prostitutes in the west indies ( which earned him the sobriquet VS nightfall from Derek Walcott) ensured that i loathed everything about him.

His comments about indians defecating everywhere had me laughing but you couldn’t deny his writing skill.

His writing on the Ife civilization was actually quite gripping….

For a long time, I was happy that Wole Soyinka had the one thing that he didn’t have; a Nobel prize, something which changed in 2001, unfortunately….

However much the likes of Edward Said, Kongi had a visceral antipathy of the fellow, his work will still be spoken about for generations to come…..

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