Prince Harry and The British Press: A Match Made In Hell

Adebayo Adeniran
4 min readSep 11, 2022

And the events of the last few days have confirmed what we have always thought about the tabloids.

The Sussexes via Wikimedia Commons

If all you read was the Daily Mail, you would believe that it was all Meghan’s fault.

For what exactly?

For influencing Prince Harry’s hatred of the British press.

But contrary to the information being put out in the public domain, the contempt for the press had existed long before King Charles’ younger son met the Biracial American actress.

And the footage below provides ample proof of this.

We mustn’t also forget that Harry was only 12 when his mother died from the car crash while evading the screaming hordes of paparazzi photographers.

In his young eyes, it was clear that they hounded her to her untimely death and it was something that he was desperate to avoid.

By any means necessary.

Fast forward to 2016, when he met Meghan Markle, he sought to be proactive in his management of the media, by providing them with the necessary photo opportunities to get them off his back.

But it didn’t work.

Their constant probing and deeply annoying references to her racial heritage was starting to grate with Harry, who tried his hardest not to show his anger.

That was until he was forced to release a statement in the media, criticizing their approach, which made them shut up for a minute.

And It is pertinent to point out that this was before they got married.

Once the Sussexes got hitched and Prince William began leaking stories about Meghan to a few journalists, the British press unleashed so much hell on the couple.

For Harry who already had a million reasons to hate the press, our man didn’t hesitate to up and leave the United Kingdom, opting to return on special occasions such as the burial of his grandfather and the…



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