Sex Claims Made Against 2000 Serving UK Police Officers

Adebayo Adeniran
3 min readOct 11, 2021

Wayne Couzens never was an outlier. There exists a culture of inappropriate behaviour towards women.

Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona via Unsplash

It has emerged today that sex claims, including rape were made against 2,000 serving policemen, in the last four years.

According to internal sources, nearly two thirds of the officers accused walked away without suffering any consequences for their actions. It also did emerge that these incidents of sexual assault and corruption were usually covered up and in some extreme cases, deleted completely from the database.

These revelations are exacerbated by the fact that investigations into these allegations of misconduct are usually closed to public and nearly every one of the police forces currently functioning in the United Kingdom did go to extreme lengths to ensure that none of these misdemeanors got into the public space.

Wayne Couzens, who was convicted last week for his kidnap, rape and murder of Sarah Everard is an interesting example: The online notice which detailed the crime of the former diplomatic officer has since been removed by the metropolitan police.

Hearings conducted by the police authority across the country into officers sleeping with drug dealers, theft from dead bodies were usually carried to protect the identity of those accused.

It is clear that there is a culture of deviant behaviour with the British police and it is much more apparent that there’s a much greater issue of resistance to reform, despite the best efforts of a few individuals.

Today’s news that the Queen’s third child — Prince Andrew — will not be facing any investigation by the metropolitan police into allegations of his tryst with a teenage Virginia Giuffre in the early noughties does show the levels of corruption and cover up at the highest levels in British public life.

When I wrote the article titled: “Defunding the police isn’t such a radical idea”, I underestimated the scale of the corruption and the culture of impunity which exists with those charged to ensure our safety.



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