Should We Be Mourning The Nazi Homophobic Pope?

Adebayo Adeniran
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Not unless you’d slept the entire day yesterday and awoke a few hours ago, you’d be aware of the demise of the retired pope — Joseph Ratzinger — known officially as Pope Benedict XVI.

For a guy who had resigned the papacy nearly ten years ago over issues surrounding his health, it is somewhat surprising that he went on to live for as long as he did.

And it must be pointed out that when Pope Francis contracted Covid back in 2020, there was the danger that the retired pontiff will outlive his successor and live to see another pope appointed.

But all that’s been laid to rest with yesterday’s news.

The Pope Emeritus has gone now and the 1st Latin American pope does not have to worry about sharing the most exalted position in Christendom with the former youth Nazi.

Joseph Ratzinger, a former youth Nazi?

Yes he was.

As a young man, the pope emeritus was forced to join Hitler Youth and did serve in the army during the war.

It was often said that his family opposed Nazism and fascism and that our man sought to escape the very minute that it became possible to do so.

But this is one view that I profoundly reject.

I am of the view that becoming a priest was his way of looking to expiate his guilt for having fought for the Nazis. And you could say the same for his elder brother.

So why am I advancing this view?

His conservatism.

His incalculable damage around the world and we can’t forget his strong influence on his predecessor —Pope John Paul.

Their world view on contraception and the abuse of children did cause much harm to those who were brought up to believe every word from the mouths of their religious leaders.

Millions of Africans needlessly died from AIDS, paying too much attention to what the pontiff had to say about about condoms.

And what about the child abuse which took place on his watch?

The wide scale abuse of children which happened over several decades under the leadership of Pope John Paul and…

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