The 7 Habits of Billionaires: The Elon Musk Version

Adebayo Adeniran
6 min readMay 31, 2022

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For the longest time on this platform and elsewhere, we have been inundated with articles of regarding the supposed exceptionalism of billionaires and what they do differently to the rest of us.

But anyone who follows Musk closely will appreciate that his behaviour does fly in the face of convention.

So I am hoping that this article will put an end to the rubbish (once and for all) that we have grown accustomed to reading from your favourite writers here.

They Troll People on Social Media

If there’s any prominent individual has perfected the art of trolling others, it is the South African billionaire.

Whether it is Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or the CEO of Twitter, Musk has great form in trolling people.

Bernie Sanders, as is his wont, chose to raise the all important issue of allowing the wealthiest to accumulate far too much at the expense of the very many in our midst and Musk’s response was quite below the belt.

Screen shot from my Twitter account

A few weeks on, our wealthy protagonist has just acquired the biggest social media platform in the world.

But all isn’t well.

The new owner of the most powerful social media tool comes out to make inaccurate assertions about his new toy and his CEO tries to set things straight.

Parag Agrawal — the CEO —writes about the steps that need to be taken to address the concerns of the new owner.

And what was Musk’s response to this?

Captured via Twitter

This wasn’t some random member of the public that the world’s wealthiest man is responding to. As you can see, it is his colleague.

And what’s telling is that you had well over 12,000 people who thought that Musk had done the right thing.

They love Right Wing Dictators

Elon has tweeted about how much he loves free speech.

As proof of his commitment to this world view, our protagonist put free speech at the…

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